Friday, May 6, 2011

May 7, 2010 - Day 3


They both ate quaker and two slices of toasted white bread.

Quaker with skimmed milk

Toasted white bread

Dad ate quaker, an egg without the egg yolk, 2 pcs vienna sausage, coffee with 1/2 splenda, 2 slice toasted white bread, and also cheated with a piece of polvoron.

Sunny side up egg

Vienna Sausage

Assorted HOP polvoron

Mom: quaker (with skimmed milk), 2 toasted white bread, and coffee without splenda but with creamer, and 1 whole banana.

Before lunch:

Mom was super hungry, and she's not allowed to starve so she ate two crackers. One is low salt hi-fibre but the other one is cream cracker. Here are the nutritional facts:

Jacob Crackers

Low Salt Hi Fibre Nutritional Facts

Cream Cracker Nutritional Facts

May 6, 2010 - Day 2



Mom ate 1 loaf of bread with egg white on top which is shown in the picture below and a cup of coffee without adding splenda anymore. Just the creamer. And half of the banana shown below.

Dad ate the same thing but his coffee had splenda in it.


We had Brown Rice, Chicken adobo, steak from yesterday, and shrimp with tofu.

This was mom's portion. But she did get a bit more shrimp and tofu. She also poured a bit of the chicken adobo sauce to the brown rice to give it some taste. Mom ate half of a banana, I ate the other half.

This was dad's portion after a 2-3 bites. He did get a lot more tofu and shrimp. He also ate a whole banana. (as seen in the picture above)

Afternoon snack:

Whole wheat bread (no sugar)

Chicken Sandwich Palaman

Finished Product

One slice of ripe mango

Dad had two slices of whole wheat bread (no sugar) with chicken sandwich palaman. While mom had one slice with one slice of ripe mango.

Brown Rice

Half milkfish (fried)

Ripe Mango

Dad ate brown rice, bit of milkfish, taiwan pechay, and 2 and a half slice ripe mango.

Mom ate brown rice and a bit of milkfish. One half slice of ripe mango. And she cheated with one polvoron.
Polvoron assorted

After Dinner Snack:

Daddy ate two pieces of hersheys kisses.

Mom ate two crackers of jacob's low salt hi-fibre crackers.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


These are the medicines mom had to drink. She asked mom to try the "pure metformin" instead of "janumet" if it suits her. If she didn't LBM with the one dosage, then she advised her to drink two dosage in a day. But if mom LBM-ed, she has to go back to Janumet.

The Diet to FOLLOW

We went to the doctor last Thursday to see Dr. Grace Ko-De Los Santos and this is the diet she assigned to mom, dad, and me. She is an Internal Medicine doctor specializing in Diabetics. This is what she had to say:

Cricket's Results

This is dad's result from the blood test.

Sweetie's Results

This is mom's result from the blood test.

May 5, 2010 - Day 1

Lunchtime: Dad ate sotanghon. I asked ate em not to put any salt to the sotanghon.
Mom ate a little bit of white rice and a bit of steak.

Afternoon snack:
This is what mom ate for her afternoon merienda. 2 loaves of whole wheat bread with chicken sandwich "palaman".

We went to Gloria Maris to eat dinner and these are what we ordered:
Sharks fin dumpling

Seafood Roll with Sotanghon

Jasmine Tea

Fookien Fried Rice

Shrimp Wanton Noodle

Mom, Dad, and I shared the shrimp wanton noodle. Mom and dad each ate one piece of seafood roll with sotanghon. Dad ate 2 cups of fookien fried rice while mom ate one (I ate 1 1/2). Mom and dad both ate two sharks fin dumpling. Dad and mom both drank 2 cups of jasmine tea. :)

Hope we didn't break any rules.

P.S. I did order 4 pcs pork siomai. Hihi.